How to Kill Vorkath in Old School Runescape

Vorkath OSRS was introduced in the Old School Runescape with the Dragon Slayer II quest, who quickly became one of the most killed bosses in the game. With an average of 150,000 gp in loot per kill, Vorkath OSRS has become very profitable for players with old OSRS accounts for sale. To get you a head start with this boss, we have written this detailed guide on how to kill Vorkath in Old School Runescape by following some easy methods.

How to Kill Vorkath OSRS?

Once you have completed a milestone of reaching OSRS Vorkath, you must have a guide about how to kill Vorkath OSRS. There are some exclusive gears and equipment to kill OSRS Vorkath. Before setting yourself up to kill Vorkath just make sure that an Auto cast spell of “Crumble Undead” is set on your Slayer’s Staff.
Prepare your character by equipping your Melee gear along with any one of the Bandos Godsword or Dragon Warhammer. You can choose one based on your inventory. Once you are ready to activate both your “Special Attack and Quick Prayers” by drinking a dose of each potion of “Protect from Magic” and “Rigour”.
If you are comfortable enough to switch your attacks while fighting then you can quickly activate “Piety”. The more comfortable you are switching between your multiple special attacks, the more likely you are to defeat Vorkath OSRS.

To avoid a long fight you must be able to drain Vorkath OSRS enough in the beginning. In order to do that, make sure that your first hits with your BGS/DWH are high enough to drain him. It is recommended to teleport yourself out and recharge yourself if you cannot hit high enough.
Once you have teleported yourself out of the war ground use your POH rejuvenation pool or the one in the Freon Enclave. These potions will help you recharge your drained special attacks. Once your special attack bar is filled, return to the game and start over.
After getting back to the OSRS Vorkath, make sure to land well enough special attacks and step back quickly. Make sure to activate “Protect from Magic” and “Rigour”, and equip your Ranged gear. Look out for OSRS Vorkath’s special attacks and take steps accordingly.

OSRS Vorkath Special Attacks

Not sure how to defeat Vorkath OSRS while looking out for some of his special attacks? To defeat him there are four different special attacks you must look out for.
⦁ OSRS Vorkath can free you and attack you with zombies, make sure to switch to your Slayer Staff and cast “Crumble Undead” before it touches you. That is how it will automatically be dead without causing you massive damage.
⦁ Vorkath OSRS attacks you with “Mortar dragonfire” which can cause you massive damage. To protect yourself from this orange fire, step away before the fire lands on you.
⦁ Along with “Mortar Dragonfire” he spits multiple acid pools around you. Every time you step on an acid pool it will damage you but heal Vorkath simultaneously. You must turn off your run and walk slowly between the acid pools and avoid stepping in one.
⦁ It can disable your “Quick Prayers” with Purple Ball Dragonfire. Make sure to reactivate it.


Killing Vorkath OSRS is not a very tough job but if you are new to the game, you must know some important strategies to do so. Preparing for the fight with appropriate gear and equipment, along with special attacks and activated Quick Prayers play a vital role.
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