Tips To Sell Your House Privately

Selling a property requires patience and a certain budget in terms of the steps to be taken. If you want to save money, the best way is to sell your apartment without an agency. You will have to take the steps yourself to complete your sale. To know how to sell your house privately, here are some tips:

Tip #1: Write A Clear And Attractive Ad

With photos of your property, bright and tidy, to encourage visits. With a detailed and accurate description of your home and setting a good selling price. Refer to the price per square meter in your neighborhood and real estate advertisements similar to yours. When your ad is ready, share it on Le Bon coin, PAP, or in the local newspaper.

Tip #2: Contact A Diagnostician To Produce The Technical Diagnostic File

It is a legal obligation on the part of the seller to inform the future buyer about the technical characteristics of the accommodation. Depending on the type of accommodation, you will have to carry out different diagnostics: 

Electricity, gas, other law things, etc. The DDT and/or the amount of charges may be requested by future buyers during their visit to the property, be prepared to inform them.

Tip #3: Show Visitors A Clean And Tidy Home

Future buyers must be able to easily imagine themselves in your property for sale and not be frightened by the possible work/repairs to be carried out. If you have the time and budget, make some arrangements to sell more easily.

If selling your property without an agency seems too complicated to you, you can delegate the management to a real estate agent. Thanks to our free online comparator, you will be able to put the best real estate agencies like Cash For Keys CA in competition and choose the one that suits you!

Selling Without An Agency: What Are The Advantages?

Saving agency fees is a significant money saving. On the other hand, you will not be able to escape the costs linked to compulsory real estate diagnostics as well as notary fees. 

Furthermore, selling your apartment alone allows you to organize yourself as you wish and can even save you time if you optimize your planning and activate your network to attract potential buyers.

Selling your house yourself also allows you to freely set your price, if you plan to acquire a new property this may allow you to avoid having to resort to a bridging loan. By saving agency fees, this will allow you to be more competitive in the market.

Selling A Property Without An Agency: What Are The Disadvantages?

The first disadvantage is setting the price of your property. Too high or too modest, it is not easy to correctly estimate a property! Be careful not to sell off your home if you are in a hurry to sell, nor to sell it too expensive in the hope of realizing a capital gain. The best thing to do to sell without an agency is to compare properties for sale locally to get a realistic idea of ​​the price. You can also seek advice from a notary.

Carrying out a real estate sale without an agency will require more effort and involvement since you will have to carry out all the procedures yourself. If this is your first sale, you might feel a little lost or demoralized by the process. However, there is nothing complicated about it, as long as you organize yourself well and allow the time necessary to devote yourself to it.

How To Make A Sales Agreement Without Going Through An Agency?

The promise to sell an apartment or a house must take place 3 months before signing the authentic deed with the notary. Selling your house without going through an agency has no impact on this deadline and the progress of the formalities of the sale. This period allows the future buyer to obtain their bank loan and possibly carry out a second visit.

The promise of real estate sale also makes it possible to define the details of the sale: price, legal notices, conditions, etc. The document for the sale of an apartment between individuals is an act “under the private signature” and has legal value provided it bears the following information:

  • Designation of the parties and the property;
  • Legal notice ;
  • Housing situation: easements, mortgage, main characteristics;
  • Deadline for exercising the option: this is set by the two parties;
  • Price of the property: to be paid on the day of signing the deed of sale;
  • Immobilization compensation;
  • Additional costs: notary fees, transfer tax;
  • Financial plan ;
  • Conditions precedent;
  • Right of withdrawal of the purchaser (10 days);
  • Annexes: technical diagnostic file and documents relating to the co-ownership if applicable.

The buyer has a withdrawal period of 10 days from the signing of the sales agreement. Once the sale is concluded, you must have it registered within 10 days with the tax services. In the absence of registration, the promise of sale will be considered void.

Finally, it is recommended to sell your house fast and in an easy way with an agency like Cash For Keys CA could be the better option.

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